Undredal Stave Church

Undredal stave church (1147) got near 900 year of history.

In the beginning it was a black tiny catholic church, approximately

1/3 of the size today. This church inspired Disney's "Frozen".

This is a suggested guided tour with great histories and music.

More info also at

2-4 PAX  NOK 100,- pr/p.

5-> PAX  NOK   90,- pr/p.

Undredal Center Walk

Undredal center, were houses built so close together.

Our infrastructure are shaped by the river and mountain slopes.

Visit an old style grocery shop, were you are able to taste cheeses.

Merge this guided tour with a visit in the stave church.

2-4 PAX  NOK 150,- pr/p.

5-> PAX  NOK 100,- pr/p.

Goat Adventure

As a result of our landscape, the farmers in Undredal use goats.

Goats are great climbers, personalities and cozy.

They are free-roaming various places in Undredal valley.

Enjoy this animals in their environment.

Closed until next season

Fjord Hike

Make a walk by the famous Aurlandsfjord.

Great view to the old summerfarms at small shelfs in the montain slopes.

A spectacular place for pictures and make your memories.

Closed until next season


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