Explore Undredal is a product sold by Skreddersydde Opplevelser AS.  We offering different guided tours within Undredal.

Explore Undredal are basicly selling guided tours in Undredal.

Our goal is to make tailored-made hikes and tours. We want to tell you our

story, folk-songs, stave church and about our cheeses.

Explore Undredal know the best places to make memories and pictures!

We do only use local guides.

Welcome to Undredal!


Local guides, who know the best places for you. We are able to make a

tailored-made hike or program.

If you wish a program with a accomodation included, please ask us. We will try to

get the best prices for you.

We are living in Undredal, and are able to tell you local stories who others can't.

Explore Undredal will to everything to add the best to you memories!

Please, contact us for a chat or an offer!


January 2018, high up in the

mountains, four people started this

company. A possibility for the next

generation to stay in Undredal, and

help keeping Undredal alive.

We are so lucky to live in the middle

of a UNESCO World Heritage Area,

a started our company to tell visitors

about our history.

Our guides genus (family) has been in Gudvangen seens 18th century,

and their last name is Gudvangen.

Now we own Explore Undredal,

Underdalsbui and Fjord Engros AS


-We will make every adventures in

Undredal eaven more spectacular

-We will make new adventures in our winter-turism

-Soon there will be el-bicycles for rent in Undredal

-We want to show tourists the valley

outside Undredal center

-We will be a part of the future in Undredal

-We will make mini-golf in Undredal


Undredal is a truly lovely little village, traditional and quiet. Its known for its cheeses, produced from the milk of about 300 goats free-renching over the fjord-side slopes around the village.

Undredal produce two types of goat-cheeses; The Brown Undredal Cheese, slightly sweet variant, made from the boiled and concentrated whey. The second is the White Undredal Cheese with different matures.

Undredal, between the mountains

and the fjord!

Welcome to visit our fjord-village!


Skreddersydde Opplevelser AS

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Explore Undredal

Hjødna 14

5746 Undredal

Phone: (+47)94050696

Email: contact@explore-undredal.com

Facebook: Explore Undredal


Monday to Sunday - 9 AM to 18 PM

If we are guiding, we call you back ASAP!

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